Inform passengers in real time

When faced with crowds in airports or ferry terminals, some travellers can get highly stressed: will I manage to catch my flight?  Do I have time to go through duty free as I planned? Do I have time to get some food or a drink, or do I have to rush to the departure gate?
This tension can sometimes cause panic, which is counterproductive to an efficient management of people flow (skipping queues which then causes arguments, running in the corridors that can cause accidents, etc.)
Acorel’s counting solutions make it possible to measure waiting times at check-in desks, at custom checkpoints and at luggage inspection points. This information is then displayed at each queue to inform travellers.
Together with the knowledge of the theoretical route to the plane, the operator is able to estimate the total journey time to the departure gate. It is then possible to inform every user directly on their smartphone.
A person in transit who is aware of how long it will take them to reach the gate will be able to make an informed decision and either ask for priority passage through security checks, or spend more time in duty free shops or restaurants. As a result, travellers are calmer and the airport or port operator increases their revenue.