Manage queues in real time

Catching a flight to go on holiday or a business trip can sometimes feel like a true race against time: find a parking spot, check in your luggage, go through security, go through passport control and finally get to your gate. These same problems also exist in ferry and cruise terminals.
There are so many bottlenecks that waste passengers’ time, cause stress and prevent potential customers from spending time in duty free shops, newsagents and restaurants.
The solutions developed by Acorel make it possible to obtain real-time information and perform a predictive analysis of passenger flows in all key locations. True operational intelligence tools, they make it possible to anticipate needs and take the necessary measures in the event of changes in movement or crowding. Each head of unit receives information either at the central control station or directly on his or her smartphone. The head of unit and their team can, at any point, be informed of any malfunction thanks to an alarm and an incident report. They can react accordingly, all the while optimising staff management.
Displaying past data is also a way to verify that the various service providers (private security services inspecting luggage, for example) meet their service commitments.
Thanks to Acorel’s counting systems and its user interfaces, you can decrease the time spent at mandatory transit points and, as a result, reduce passenger stress, avoid disruptions and limit agitation.
Increased calmness for increased security, an improved customer experience and maximisation of trade efficiency.