Maximise commercial profitability

Similarly to shopping centres and public spaces, airports and ports need professional tools to manage the different commercial areas (duty free shops, newsagents, restaurants, snack bars, bars and lounges, cultural exhibitions or advertising zones, etc.) and other spaces (places of worship, play areas, waiting rooms, etc.).
Acorel offers a range of tools adapted to the quantification and qualification of passenger flows, based on high-precision counting technologies.
A detailed and reliable map of pedestrian flows in different area makes it possible to, for example, effectively organise flows using signals, movable barriers or appropriate architectural developments. Accurately geolocalised measures to manage congestion (traffic by sales outlet, the footfall in front of adversiting spaces, shop windows, etc.) help airport and port operators to best adjust the costs of advertising spaces or shop rentals.
In addition, shops themselves are able to check their trade efficiency through relevant commercial performance indicators (conversion rates, average spend, etc.). As a result, they are able to create detailed, comprehensive and reliable reports for their head offices.
Finally, knowing the frequency rate and number of users in various spaces helps to size and design these spaces accordingly.