Organise cleaning and maintenance tasks

The state of the toilet facilities usually has a direct effect on customer satisfaction, and the overall image of a business, especially in airports and ferry terminals.
Improving cleanliness by enhancing the monitoring and maintenance of toilet facilities is therefore a key issue for port and airport operators.
With the solutions developed by Acorel, the manager responsible for the cleaning teams analyses and anticipates needs from their central post, based on an accurately measured influx of travellers in each toilet facility. The manager and operators can also be informed in real time about the need for intervention with an alarm and message displayed on their smartphone.
Moreover, cleaning staff can automatically send a “cleaning in progress” alert to a display panel and to the centralised management system.
They can also announce, in real time, any problems encountered during their intervention and describe these in detail: urgency level, exact location on a map (blocked sink, broken bulb, etc.), put on hold or taken care of, etc. so as to more effectively manage technical problems.
Finally, they have the possibility to immediately record tasks that they have just carried out (floor cleaning, sink area cleaning, filling up soap dispensers, etc.) to create a detailed report that is required by the manager. The manager can also objectively work on user satisfaction all the while optimising the use of resources for a quick return on investment. Thanks to a predictive analysis, they are even able to anticipate needs.

Knowing the flow of travellers can also help organise maintenance tasks during the day based on an estimated flow rather than only at night (higher hourly labour cost). Operating officers can therefore target the most suitable time slots and anticipate the logistical measures to put in place in order to provide secure operations.