Ensure security and adherence to regulations

Installing a high-precision automatic people counting system allows security teams to know, precisely and in real time, the number of people in a building, a hall, a terrace, a platform, a public space or any other area where the immediate frequency rater is a factor that needs to be monitored.
By setting appropriate thresholds in terms of the number of people allowed on a premises, security staff are able to anticipate peak times and manage visitor flow by being able to make an informed choice to limit flow or deny access. As a result, by sending an alert to a control panel provided by Acorel through its software, Focus, security staff can ensure compliance with all current safety standards (the maximum number of people that can be admitted according to the law) while still optimising attendance and thus the profitability of a visitor attraction, for example.
Please be aware, however, that an automatic counting system, whatever the chosen solution, will never be able to guarantee that a place is completely empty. Indeed, whatever the system and its accuracy, there is always a slight deviation. Moreover, all access points cannot be covered by the counting systems – the windows, for example. Finally, it is always possible that a counting sensor is damaged and does not send the correct information at a given time. No counting system can therefore be used as a guarantee for fire fighters or any other task force.