Make decisions based on reliable performance indicators

All managers needs reliable and accurate data in order to analyse their business and make the correct strategic decisions.
Today, in the world of e-commerce, all these elements relating to the analysis of customer behaviour are very easily available thanks to navigation data: the number of visitors, the date and time of connection, the time spent on the site, the sales funnel with the point of entry and exit from the site, the pages visited, unique user, frequency of visits to the website, bounce rate, conversion rate, etc.
In “real life”, this information does not fall from the sky! It is necessary to install high-precision, automatic people counting systems in order to access basic information required to understand all these criteria: visit frequency over time, number of people passing by a shop window, time spent in the shop, recognition of loyal customers, frequency of visits, route from the window to the tills, conversion rate, average spend, etc.
Once set up in all sales outlets, these indicators, available in a simple and easy-to-use dashboard provided through Acorel’s software, Focus, make it possible to react in real time to better target or assess marketing campaigns, accurately define the best time slots to distribute flyers, carry out customer surveys and opinion polls, improve customer experience, compare commercial performance, manage schedules, target training needs of sales staff, increase profitability, justify investments in staff and infrastructure, assess the impact of decisions, etc.