Mapping the flows of visitors and clients

Acorel’s counting systems make it possible to identify in real time and in a precise manner the movement of people in areas of transit, the behaviour of customers inside a shopping arcade (which alleys, halls, aisles, etc. they use), a shop, a supermarket, or any other building. The collected data makes it possible to map the flow of people, highlighting hot spots (highly frequented areas) and cold spots (passageways used rarely or not at all by visitors). A manager is then able to measure, in real time, the true appeal of these sale points (windows, aisles, endcaps, or any other retail space).
The exact knowledge of customer movements, of customer volume and of the density of people flow makes it possible either to adapt a commercial organisation to the natural needs of customers (geolocalised marketing campaign, targeted real estate investments, etc.), or to adapt the location’s setting to offer a more coherent shopping route (appropriate signs, changing the architecture, adapting access, etc.).
With such information, made available by Acorel’s analysis tools, a manager can identify and optimise the use of geographical regions to their full potential, target advertising campaigns, assess advertising spaces on the basis of the actual rate of potential client flow, be able to justify and present the arguments for the price of purchasing or letting sales offices on the basis of objective and reliable criteria relating to the frequentation rate, etc.