Precisely measure frequentations rates in real time

Installing automatic people counting sensors makes it possible to know, in real time, the actual traffic in a location or the number of people who pass by a shop window. Collecting this data makes it possible to assess peak times and off-peak times, to assess seasonality, etc.
There is an abundance of valuable information that helps operators tailor their organisation as closely as possible to the needs and economics of their business.
With this type of data, a good manager is able to adapt opening times, accurately predict the number of staff required for specific time slots, plan for targeted promotional offers aimed at chosen moments, etc. In short, to adapt supply to demand.
To be able to justify the number of people that pass through a business can also be invaluable when it comes to arguing in favour or investment needs or drafting an application for a grant.
Acorel solutions will let you access this knowledge in a precise manner and in real time, helping you optimise your business.