Factual arguments for your communication

It is sometimes difficult and complicated for a politician, a trade union representative or a transport network manager to justify the need to develop a public transport network, especially when significant investment is involved.
Similarly, it is not always easy for an operator to prove to transport organising authorities (AOT), and elected user representatives, that they are fulfulling their contract.
Acorel’s high-precision, automatic passenger counting solutions are, at this moment, the most meaningful and effective tools for communicating this data.
By providing accurate, real and reliable data, these solutions make it possible to demonstrate the viability of a network or to justify investments. The data management tool, Focus, makes it possible to create reports, that are required to receive grants or subsidies, based on actual flow of passengers and supported by accurate, reliable and understandable data.
Operators equipped with Acorel solutions will be able to use factual information to prove to their clients that they are respecting their contractual obligations (combating fraud, availability of capacity, traffic density, etc.). They will also be able to present to users data showing the improvement in the quality of their service (progress regarding the punctuality of bus lines, rate of seat occupancy, etc.)