Fight against fraud

Any public transport networks throughout the world face considerable income lossdue to large numbers of fraudsters who do not pay. This income loss can have significant consequences on a company’s investment capacity, and in the long term, it can affect passenger comfort and even the profitability of a particular network.
Precise automatic public transport passenger counting makes it possible to know, in detail, the fraud rate by comparing data on the total number of users with the number of validated tickets.

Becoming aware of the practical reality of fraud makes people think about the methods and actions that need to be implemented in order to reduce it.
A detailed spatial and temporal analysis (detemining the location and time of fraud) delivers accurate imformation about the peaks in fraud. As a result, security agents can act more efficiently, in the right places and at the right time. Real-time automatic passenger counting even makes it possible to take action in the right place at the right time through targeted interventions by public sector employees.
ACOREL’s on-board automatic counting solutions make it possible to analyse in detail, and highly accurately, the ticket validation rate and therefore to act in the right place, at the right time. The FOCUS software for data exploitation makes it possible to know, in the blink of an eye, the times and locations of fraud peaks. You will then be able to act in full knowlege of the situation.
Feedback from ACOREL clients shows that targeted action makes it possible to quickly lower the fraud rate. Return on investment can then be seen within only a few months.