Manage and optimise the transport network

It is a complex task to define a transport plan for the real world that is also optimised from an operational point of view to ensure the best possible profitability. In order to be successful in this public service mission, urban transport managers must be able to rely on accurate and reliable information extracted from “big data”.
The quantification and qualification of real passenger flows is one of these basic elements necessary for good management of a public transport network.
In the past, operators resorted to manual counting campaigns, however these operations required heavy and costly organisation which only offered a very partial and one-off view of the actual state of the network.
More than 26 years ago, Acorel developed the first on-board automatic passenger counting systems which made it possible to continuously feed information about the flow of passengers, at a much lower cost than manual counting. A true operational intelligence tool was born. Ever since then, Acorel has specialised in the field of accurate automatic counting, continuously developing its offers to provide key players in public transport with increasingly innovative, state-of-the-art solutions that are always tailored to their specific requirements.
Today, Acorel solutions make it possible to know, in real time, the passenger flows at every point of a network. The system controllers are able to know at any point, thanks to adapted dashboards, whether any bus or tram line is over or under its capacity. As such, the controllers are able to make quick decisions about their fleet to maintain passenger comfort and satisfaction guaranteeing that users have a high-quality experience. In the same way, resources are invested only in areas where they are necessary to optimise organisation and profitability. Why put into service 20 buses on one line if demand corresponds to only 15 vehicles? Why plan 28 stops if very few people get on or off at 4 particular stops? 24 stops could be enough, resulting in saving both time and infrastructure. What size and type of vehicle should be used on each line (a 12-door or 16-door tram, a 2-door bus or an articulated bus)? At what point is it best to plan a preventative maintenance operation with regard to the workload plan and the actual need for mobility?
Acorel provides solid, accurate and reliable information on actual passenger use that allows operators to answer all these questions and manage their rolling stock and human resources in the best possible way.