Ensure a fair distribution of revenue

In some regions, and for various historical, political, organisational or other reasons, multiple operators must share the operational management of a public transport network.
This distribution of operational management between various railway operators is invisible to travellers, who buy only one ticket per journey.
Generated revenue must be shared between the different operators in question. In the past, this share of revenue was organised on the basis of a manual counting campaign, however this gave a very limited view of the real passenger flow. As such, the amount given to each transport operator could not be correct and fair.
Acorel’s high-precision automatic passenger counting solutions now makes it possible to ensure a distribution of revenue based on real, reliable data collected over the entire timeframe. As such, each operator is able to record a turnover that corresponds to the actual services provided. Thanks to the traveller flow video recording system and the maintenance services offered by Acorel, any company involved in the management of a railway or metro line network equipped with Acorel solutions may at any point verify the accuracy of the data generated by the counting system. They can therefore make sure that revenue is distributed fairly.