Factual arguments to help you communicate

Any decision to develop railway infrastructure has profound consequences in terms of environmental impact and financial investment, and directly affects the user’s day-to-day life. Every initiative, whether it be taken by a politician, a trade union or a railway network, must be justified on the basis of concrete and reliable data.
Similarly, railway network operators must be able to demonstrate that they have fulfilled their commitments to the transport organising authorities (AOT), political representatives and, of course, the users.
Acorel offers high-precision automatic passenger counting solutions, essential tools for obtaining the data required for convincing communication.
On the basis of accurate, tangible and reliable data, these solutions make it possible to justify investments and, if necessary, argue in favour of having a railway network.
The data exploitation software Focus makes it possible to display simple and detailed reports that demonstrate, in a reliable manner, the actual passenger flow. As such, it is easier to, for instance, prepare a grant application or to display irrefutable performance indicators (traffic density, train occupancy rates, etc.).

Moreover, as is the case with commercial premises or public transport, railway operators are able to diversify their sources of income. Indeed, knowing the number of trains by zone makes it possible for the operator to provide potential advertisers with arguments in favour of investing in advertising within metros or trains and to justify the price. Given modern display technologies, it is even possible to tailor on-board real-time advertising campaigns depending on the geographical location and the schedule.