Optimise operational performance

Managing a railway network or a metro infrastructure is a complex task with major responsibilities on several levels: security, political, economical, human, etc. Any decision relating to infrastructure or managing human resources may have an impact on customer experience and, directly or indirectly, significant financial consequences.
In order to make the right decisions, operational managers must be able to rely on accurate and reliable information extracted from “big data”, such as the quantification and qualification of actual passenger flow.
In the past, transport organising authorities (AOT), or operators, performed manual counting to estimate passenger traffic, however, these required costly human resources, are difficult to regulate, and only offer a snapshot on the railway network use.
Today, automatic passenger counting solutions developed by Acorel, true operational intelligence tools, make it possible to know precisely, and at any moment, the actual pedestrian flow anywhere on a network. These solutions are accurate and less costly than manual counting campagins, and they generate a continuous flow of information, as opposed to one-off surveys.
Developed by our experts, the system FOCUS, generated information on the flow of passengers and allows a manager to make the correct operational decisions: When is the best time to plan maintenance work? Should I schedule single or double-decker trains on a particular line? How much time between trains? How many staff do I need for a particular time slot? Does my network respect the security regulations with regard to the number of passengers? How much stock do we need in the bar carriage of each train? The operator can analyse trends and predict the resources necessary to satisfy the needs of the customers and improve user experience. The operator can also optimise the management of multimodality (for example, predict the number of buses necessary to carry travellers to their final destination upon the arrival of a train).
Acorel provides solid, accurate and reliable information on actual passenger use, which allows decision-makers to answer all these questions and manage infrastructure and human resources efficiently.