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Your company currently offers services to clients in public transport, railway transport, air and maritime transport or in the domain of public and commercial spaces. You already include different types of systems for your clients… For example: you offer wireless communication systems using Wifi or Bluetooth, ticketing technologies, operating support systems, passenger information systems or any other means of information; you manage rolling stock such as buses, trams and trains; you install tills, automatic barriers or doors, or CCTV videosurveillance technologies; you manage databases and offer advice related to marketing and operational management, etc.
In order to meet the demands of your clients, in addition to your current offer, you would like to be able to offer counting and people flow assessment services. At Acorel, we are open to dialogue and will assess every win-win partnership proposal.
We can help you expand your range of services. With Acorel, you can offer off-the-shelf high-precision automatic people counting solutions. Of course, Acorel is by your side every step of the way to offer expert support and help to resolve any complex problems related to automatic counting and flow assessment. We can also develop our products and adapt them to cater for the specificities of your market and your clients.

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