Quality design and manufacturing

Acorel, quality design and build

For more than 26 years, experts at Acorel have been committed to mastering the design and manufacture of complete and tailor-made technology solutions for automatic people counting and flow analysis.

When defining the technical specifications, an in-depth study is carried out by our experts who travel to the location in question to accurately assess the customer’s needs and the limitations imposed by the surroundings. This starting point is an essential step in setting up a high-precision and high-quality system for the assessment of people flow.

For the purpose of efficiency and quality, Acorel tries hard to outsource locally. As such, a large part of our manfuacturing is French, and 100% of our manufacturing is European.

ISO 9001 certified, Accorel tests 100% of its solutions at the production site, before delivery.

Our team of experts develop internally all of our material and software solutions. This complete control makes it possible for Acorel to adapt quickly and accurately to the specific requirements of its customers by integrating or transferring data, interfaced with other systems (corporate services, ticketing, cash registers, etc.).