High precision sensors

Cutting-edge technology - high-precision sensors

The only technology that makes it possible to achieve high levels of accuracy in the people flow analysis requiring an overhead installation at access points to allow detection of people entering and exiting even when there are several people walking side-by-side (bidirectional counting).

The experts at Acorel may suggest different types of sensors depending on the surroundings and on installation-related limitations:
– Stereoscopic 3D sensors for applications that are on-board (public transport, railway transport) or static (metro stations, shops, buildings, airports, boarding gates, etc.)
– Laser sensors reserved for static applications (doors at train stations, shopping centres, theatres, ports or airports, etc.)

Together with the sensors, Acorel also offers intelligence in a combination setup (UCC, upstream channel change, or UT, unavailable time) which makes it possible, among other things, to access all counting data in real time as well as manage maintenance information.

3D stereoscopic technology

The high-precision stereoscopic sensor works just like the human eye. Thanks to 2 different cameras, it creates a 3D image. An algorithmic analysis of images in real time makes it possible to follow any movements in the detection field.
Vertical counting with up to over 98% accuracy
Only 1 sensor per access point
Unaffected by people stopping (Detection of prolonged or permanent presences within the detection field)
Proof of accuracy through videos that make it possible to avoid manual counting campaigns, which are complicated to set up, costly and of relative precision.
Adapted for harsh environments: complies with, among others, the EN50155 standard, and is not affected by climatic variations (variations in temperature).

Laser technology

The laser sensor functions purely on the basis of the time-of-flight principle. This technology makes it possible to measure the exact distance between the sensor (transmitter) and the people in its field of vision (target). Raw data are sent to the counting system via a communication bus. Up to 3 laser heads can be connected together to one processing unit in order to cover large entrances.
Vertical counting with up to over 98% accuracy
Invisible to the surroundings (can count in complete darkness)

Acorel always offers, depending on its customers’ needs, its “active and passive” infrared sensors technology. However, this technology offers a lower accuracy rate (around 95% in normal conditions) as well as the disadvantage of being sensitive to light and temperature and to people stopping beneath the sensor.