Installation, calibration, commissioning and precision control

Installation, calibration, commissioning and precision control by Acorel’s teams of experts

The installation and activation phase is a crucial step to ensure the automatic counting solutions deliver quality and accuracy, whether it be within the very standardised world of transport (public transport, railway transport or air and maritime transport) or the world of public and commercial areas (retail, shopping centres, PAB).
The installation of equipment and software, the calibration of sensors, the configuration of databases (integration of data specific to the sector such as the identification of the vehicle, the door, the line, the checkout, etc.), the recovery of customer data (data from the transport network may be incomplete, for example) and the commissioning of systems are carried out by experts from Acorel to ensure your complete satisfaction.
Some of these tasks, such as installing sensors, may be subcontracted to the customer’s technical teams. In such instances, experts from Acorel will train the staff in question and take part at the outset to validate the skills of the subcontractors. They are also available for support, if necessary.
In all cases, installed systems will be subject to quality checks to verify the accuracy of the delivered count (either through a manual campaign, or with the help of video recordings), as only accurate data allows for a profitable use of the information.