Software solutions for data processing

FOCUS software: tools for data exploitation, entirely developped by Acorel experts

Once counting data have been collected (in real time or non-real time), it is necessary to process and analyse the data to draw the best conclusions, and to put in place the necessary corrective or progressive actions.
Exploitation of the counting data may require a lot of work depending on the scale of your network in terms of the number of lines and vehicles, types of rolling stock, number of boutiques or check-in counters, etc. The analysis of big data can be complex and fruitless if it does not result in clear and accurate summary reports on people flow, ready to be used by decision-makers.
In order to address this need, and with the aim of offering a global automatic counting system, Acorel has developped data exploitation software called Focus Onboard for on-board solutions (all types of vehicles: bus, train, tram, metro) and Focus Static for static solutions (any type of building, such as boutique, shopping centre, PAB, airport, port, train station, metro station, etc.): these are intelligent software solutions, tailored to your business for a quick and appropriate analysis of your performance indicators.
These user interfaces are completely secure and provide decision-makers with a summary of all the data, adapted to their needs, in the form of detailed reports. The reports are configurable, ergonomic and intuitive, simple and user-friendly and are in the form of graphs or statistical tables, updated daily or in real time.

The main advantages of these software are:
Easy access for all users: installed on PCs, the software opens like a webpage. Counting data can be accessed both nationally and regionally (head office, regional office, etc.).
– Security: the connection to the software is secure (password and ID requested upon each connection)
– Interfaced and complementary: the integration of external data is possible (ticketing data, operating support system, traffic planning, turnover, seller schedules, etc.).
– Simplicity: in only a few clicks, you can precisely access the counting data that interests you (line graph of load, peak of fraud, load peak, the maximum number of people that can be admitted according to the law, etc). It is possible to select several criteria in order to make your search as relevant and efficient as possible (date, time, line, vehicle, stop, station, boutique, etc.). You can make monthly, weekly or daily comparisons.
– Historical tracking: automatic reports by period make it possible to instantly access data and comparisons.
– Sharing: counting data can be exported into other formats (Excel, CSV, etc.).

The software programmes FOCUS ONBOARD and FOCUS STATIC are excellent strategic tools, essential for making the right decisions.