Acorel offers customised maintenance services to guarantee the reliability of automatic counting data at any moment

With a permanent system, correct follow-up and efficient maintenance are necessary to ensure the reliability of counting data over time.
If for any reason (accidental disconnection by a technician, configuration change in the counting environment, vandalism, etc.) sensors no longer send reliable information, the final user could take decisions based on erroneous data. Depending on the importance of the decision, the consequences could be serious for public transport network operators, railway or airport operators, or heads of marketing for popular brands, for example.
That is why Acorel offers a maintenance service as part of a maintenance contract, defined specifically based on the user’s needs, job title, infrastructure and human resources. Among the services offered, you can choose from:
– Regular reports on the state of the data and maintenance systems
– Quick intervention by an expert technician
– Hotline: a dedicated telephone service to answer all your questions
– Follow-up of materials and software
– Preferential tariffs for replacement parts
Using this type of service also makes it possible to follow software developments and to always have access to state-of-the-art people counting and flow assessment technologies.
Acorel is also able to train a client’s local technical teams, or chosen subcontractors, to ensure greater responsiveness.
Finally, Acorel offers more sutainable options for warranty extension.