Transmission of counting data

Transfer of data through the latest communication technologies

Acorel is able to offer various technical solutions that automatically transfer data in real time to a server.
For example, in the case of transport (public transport or railway transport) equipped with on-board counting solutions, board/ground communication systems are required:
Transmission via an on-board intelligent transportation system (e.g. the French SAE, Operational Support System, and SAEIV, Passenger Information System), ticketing (several existing interfaces exist with various international providers).
Transmission via WiFi including 2-3 level ground architecture (automatic download of counting data upon return to depot).
Transmission via GPS/GPRS which makes it possible to independently link counting files and geolocalisation data
In the case of static counting solutions (for public and commercial areas, train stations, etc.), it is possible to use wired (Ethernet) or wireless systems (WiFi, etc.).

Once the data is transferred to the server, ACOREL is able to format this data in real time, through our proprietary software, FOCUS, so that the data can be exploited in a professional and user-friendly way. As a result, managers can make the appropriate operational and strategic decisions, as soon as a new event appears.

For increased simplicity in managing data, Acorel offers the option where you can store and secure your own data.