Passenger flow management

With the end of year coming, its always good to have a look back of what happened in the last 12 months and for transport networks, a lot did happen ! Looking back at the past year, one data that is important to study is passenger flow. Understanding passenger frequentation/flow is indeed a need more and more present in each transport network as this is a key information to take decision.

For example, at the moment, this could be done periodically with manual counting operations or automatically with different type of hardware solutions.

Illustration bannière gare de train

Railway metering and passenger flow management

Doing it manually is quite accurate but the fact to do it periodically won’t give an accurate picture of the passenger flow over a full year and timetable. Secondly this is very costly.

Using automatic passenger counting hardware, installed at each vehicle door is by far the best option to consider due to the range of reports over the whole timetable the operators can get, the accuracy and cost.


After having tested all technologies, our results showed a clear winner between all technologies and it was for the video 3D sensors because it gives an extremely high accuracy, is railway & GDPR compliant and the video stream from the sensors can be periodically recorded to check the counting accuracy of the system. After having installed this technology in many transport networks over the last 6 years and received many excellent feedbacks from our clients about it, we are very positive about the 3D video sensors and we would be delighted to explain you more about it.