Project management

Professional project management to guarantee the high quality of Acorel solutions

ACOREL puts at your disposal a dedicated project manager who will ensure the smooth execution of your automatic people counting project.
A project’s stages may vary depending on its scope and field (projects relating to railway transport or airport zones are usually the most difficult, followed by public transport and public and commercial areas), however the main phases are usually the following:
– “PREPARATION AND DESIGN” which, depending on the type of project, may include analysing the client’s needs (with pre-visit to the site or not) and drafting the technical requirements (technical studies and implementation plan), defining the prerequisites, adaptation studies if necessary (materials and software), the design/potential creation of a prototype and testing it, drafting documentation essential for correct use and sales follow-up (technical files, installation files, list of parts and references, operating instructions, maintenance, training, etc.). This phase ends with the production of materials and software (optionally preceded by a test).
– “DEPLOYMENT” which includes, on the basis of a payment plan defined with the client, the delivery and installation of sensors and data processing software, their configuration and calibration, and user training.
– “ACCURACY CHECK, WARRANTY FOLLOW-UP AND MAINTENANCE” which may include testing (validation), either internal or with the client, at the factory or on the operating site, of a prototype or a complete series system, regular checks, warranty follow-up and maintenance if a maintenance contract is chosen.