Count on our experience in the analysis of the flow of people to optimize your business

The Company

Acorel specializes in precision real-time automatic counting and analysis of the flow of people since 1989.

Acorel in a few words

Since 1989, Acorel is recognised worldwide, in all market segments, as one of the global leaders in automatic people counting solutions and people flow analysis.
Acorel offers innovative and high-quality solutions tailored to your exact requirements and that combine the latest cutting-edge technologies with a very personalised service.
With Acorel, you can be sure of our precise data and you can count on professional advice to help you make informed business decisions.

Located 2 hours from Paris, in the heart of the Rhône valley, Acorel is a company that specialises in the people flow analysis and offers its services throughout the world.


Acorel is a company based in Saint Péray (near Valence in France), about a hundred kilometres south of Lyon.
The company was founded in 1989 as an engineering company offering R&D and engineering services to local businesses.

In 1990, not long after its creation, the company began focusing on questions relating to automated people counting (APC) through a transport project proposed by the city of Lyon. As a result, Acorel provided over 1,200 counting systems for both the static and on-board components of Lyon’s transport network.
From this point on, Acorel specialised and dedicated all its resources to automatic people counting solutions and related services.
Since 1990, Acorel experts have become increasingly well-known, throughout the world, for their knowledge and expertise in high-precision counting technologies and their experience in people flow analysis. In particular, Acorel is dedicated to helping its clients improve their operating results.

Acorel closely follows developments in technology to continuously provide its customers with the best technology at the best price

Technological developments

The first sensors developed by the company in 1990 were based on passive infrared cells. Acorel continually developed its sensor technology to optimise performance. The sensors have now reached a guaranteed 95% accuracy.
In 2012, Acorel made a technological breakthrough so that it can now offer its clients the best technology at the best price. The sensors on offer today are the best on the market: 3D stereoscopic video sensors and laser sensors that both deliver accuracy levels of over 98%. Depending on a client’s requirements, our experts will suggest one of the two technologies, but they can also offer alternative solutions, taking into account a client’s needs and potential limitations.

Experts focus on customer service and reliable, high-quality counting solutions

Corporate culture

Acorel was created by engineers and has always been run by engineers.
Acorel’s strength has always been its employees high skill level and they have made it possible for the company to be recognised as a real, globalbenchmark in the field of automatic people counting.
Acorel has always been a people-focussed business, capable of being highly adaptable and proactive.
Over the years, we have always focused on quality and reliability to develop our solutions.

Ethics, quality and innovation are the pillars of our expertise and development in the people flow analysis



In Acorel’s corporate culture, people have always been close to our hearts.
A willingness and ability to listen, along with a cheerful and polite manner, are the foundations of human relations and we apply all these to our colleagues, clients and partners.  Our approach always means respecting others.
Any problem deserves to be presented and discussed with an open mind, and without bias, so that a compromise can be found which is beneficial to all parties.
ACOREL always aims to build a true relationship of trust that goes beyond simply people counting.


From the start, quality and reliability have always been the pillars of ACOREL’s development.
Every day, ACOREL employees ensure the implementation of complete solutions for the real-time, high-precision people flow analysis, from installation to maintenance through to the exploitation of raw data.
ACOREL is dedicated to excellence in all areas to guarantee it is highly effective in supporting its clients and their everyday business.


ACOREL has always known how to adapt to changes in the market to consistently offer relevant solutions to meet the professional needs of its clients.
ACOREL embodies meticulousness without austerity and is able to predict future needs and offer innovative solutions to its clients.

Helping our clients improve their operating results and the management of their activities

The mission

Acorel’s mission is to help its clients make their business prosper by delivering relevant, accurate and reliable information that will help our clients make the right operating decisions. That is why Acorel strives to understand the whole value chain of a business, from assessing and qualifying real-time people flow, to interpreting big data.

Acorel provides precise and reliable people flow analysis at the best quality/price ratio to help you make the right operational decisions and optimise your business

Promise to clients

Our promise “Acorel makes it count” states the advantages of working with Acorel:
• A team of experts focused on your needs that is able to offer you the best-suited solutions. Whatever the limitations, Acorel will implement a complete solution that you can rely on to deliver the best return on investment.
• A team of experts will provide you with an overall high-quality and high-precision counting solution worth investing in because you will be able to make decisions based on relevant data.
• A team of experts will assist you with data analysis to optimise the management of your operations. Acorel will make sure you reap the benefit of your investment.

Project management and customer support to the standards required in our ISO9001 certified quality-control system

A high-quality, rigorous and well-understood approach

In keeping with all the high-quality work completed since its creation, Acorel’s goal is the long-lasting and full satisfaction of its clients to guarantee continuity for the company.

ISO 9001 certified since 2005, every day Acorel strives to improve its system of quality management in order to: •Master and improve all the implemented procedures,
•Listen to, understand, satisfy and anticipate the needs of its customers,
•Put in place tailored measures and resources,
•Encourage all its employees to achieve the goals agreed with the clients,
•Maintain a good relationship with suppliers, all the while making sure that they meet our quality requirements.