This period of health crisis has had a strong impact on the transport sector and more specifically on air transport. It is difficult to regain the attractiveness and traffic of previous years.

In order to reassure passengers and improve the image of airports, Acorel offers a solution for managing the cleaning of sanitary blocks.

What is the management of sanitary blocks cleaning based on the number of passengers? 

3D stereoscopic sensors are installed at the entrance to each toilet block and count the number of passengers entering and exiting the toilets in real time by sending the data to a server. An automatic alert, by SMS or push notification, is triggered as soon as a predefined threshold of users is reached in order to warn the cleaning staff.  When the cleaning team arrives on site, they badge on an RFID reader to identify the start of the cleaning process. Once the cleaning process is complete, the teams tag again to know the duration of the cleaning process and reset the count for the next phase. The badge also provides the ability to know which team was in charge of the cleaning. This solution for sanitary blocks aims to optimise cleaning based on traffic, which can improve the airport’s image and increase passenger satisfaction. In addition, it allows for accurate monitoring of the work of the teams and compliance with the performance indicators (KPI).

This solution can be used outside of sanitary blocks, in all places where cleaning based on attendance is necessary, for example: in VIP lounges or in boarding rooms for air transport. This solution can also be used in railway stations, shopping centres or any other place receiving the public (museums, amusement parks, etc…).

Cleaning management of the sanitary blocks installed at Basel Mulhouse Airport

We have equipped all 38 toilet blocks at Basel Mulhouse Airport. The alerts, which were initially sent by SMS, are now sent by push notification on the mobile phones of the teams in charge of cleaning.

The cleaning of the washrooms is now optimised, which reassures passengers, particularly during this pandemic period.

Acorel offers a turnkey solution, from the sensors to the RFID readers, including the server hosting the database and the application that allows the notification of alerts and the consultation of count data in real and delayed time, as well as the edition of specific reports.


Entry history curve with event display: red triangle = alert, purple square = alert restart, orange diamond = cleaning start, green circle = cleaning end and counter reset.

Detail of a sanitary block with date of last alert; number of passages since the last cleaning; number of passages of the day; time since the last cleaning; curve of the evolution of the entries since the last 4 hours.

List of Sanitary Blocks with the number of visits since the last cleaning; the number of visits of the day; the time since the last cleaning; the colour of the logo indicating if the cleaning is to be done (red) or if it is up-to-date (green).

Attendance curve for a day of 2 toilet blocks.