Shopping centres bring together a large number of visitors and shoppers. However, with the increase in the number of visitors, flow management has become a priority for shopping centres, which need to find efficient ways to manage the crowds. This flow management involves the creation of visitor routes, visitor flow optimisation solutions and the implementation of security measures.

How to manage visitor flows in shopping centres?

Creating visitor pathways

When it comes to managing visitor flows in a shopping centre, creating walkways can be a key strategy. Walkways help guide visitors through the mall, avoiding crowded areas and allowing visitors easy access to the shops they want to visit.

Implementation of security measures

Shopping centres should also put in place security measures to protect visitors and give them the confidence to visit the shopping centre.

Signage can also be used to remind visitors of the security measures in place. Shopping centres can also limit the number of visitors at any one time by using sensors to monitor the number of visitors entering and leaving the shopping centre.

Automatic counting system and visitor flows

Counting sensors are electronic devices that measure the number of people present in a given space. In establishments open to the public (ERP), counting sensors are used to monitor the number of visitors in order to comply with safety regulations and maximum authorised capacity.

Counting sensors can be installed at the entrance of the establishment or in the different areas to be monitored. They use various technologies to detect the presence of people, such as infrared sensors, counting cameras or motion sensors.

The data collected by the counting sensors can be analysed in real time to allow for efficient management of ERP capacity. Managers can adjust visitor flows and implement preventive measures if necessary.

However, it is important to respect the laws and regulations regarding the protection of the privacy of visitors. The data collected must be treated confidentially and securely.

Automatic counting can be a good solution for managing visitor flows in shopping centres. Indeed, it ensures an accurate analysis of the counting data in order to adjust the visitor flow in real time and thus improve the visitor experience.

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Use of technology

Finally, shopping centres can use technology to manage visitor flows. Mobile applications can be used to help visitors find their way around the mall and avoid crowded areas. Malls can also use sensors to monitor visitor flows and help manage parking areas, as well as counting based on facial recognition technology to automatically count people entering and leaving the facility.