Zoom on the year 2023…

Professional events that made an impact

Passenger Terminal Expo:

We participated in the Passenger Terminal Expo in Amsterdam in March, bringing together key players in the airport industry. This year’s edition focused on crucial issues and solutions for airports and airlines. Our participation as an exhibitor, sharing our booth with Hub Performance, was a rewarding experience.


Participating in UITP in June was an opportunity to meet all professionals in public transportation in one place. We discovered new vehicles, innovations, and solutions from industry suppliers and operators, broadening our horizons.


Our sales team seized the opportunity provided by RNTP to participate in various events and technical visits. On this occasion, we were also able to present our solutions to experts in the urban mobility sector.

JournΓ©es Agir:

Focused on adapting services to the evolving trends in the mobility sector, these days highlighted the emergence of sustainable mobility practices, which have become a growing trend.

A visual retrospective of these trade shows…

Corporate events that energized the year

Challenge de la mobilitΓ© :

Acorel actively participated in this challenge aimed at changing transportation habits for a day of work. More than 300 km were covered by means other than a car, thanks to the enthusiastic participation of the majority of our employees.

Running business tour:

Four teams proudly wearing Acorel’s colors took on the challenge of a 20 km relay race, creating a moment of sharing and conviviality among all participants.

Teambuilding :

A life-sized televised experience brought together part of the team, offering a unique blend of challenges and camaraderie that delighted the participants.

End-of-year meal :

As tradition dictates, the Acorel team gathered to celebrate the end of the year with a delicious meal, enhanced this time by a Secret Santa activity where everyone had fun anonymously exchanging gifts. A great moment filled with camaraderie and laughter !

Software Development

Acorel has developed its new software suite, π•πˆπ’πˆπŽπ πŒπŽππˆπ‹πˆπ“π˜! 🚌

Another software suite is also gaining momentum, namely π•πˆπ’πˆπŽπ 𝐏𝐎𝐏, dedicated to statistics and public establishments.

This allows transport operators to conduct an analysis of their network using collected ridership data. Through this analysis, optimization of their transport offerings becomes possible by adjusting services to demand and continuously improving service quality.

New Arrivals

Enriching the Team Two new faces at Acorel !

We were delighted to welcome Omar, Technical Business Manager, and Camille, HR Development Manager, to our team.

Heading into 2024

Our Goals

  • Continued Innovation: We are committed to advancing the development of our innovations and software to better meet your expectations and needs.
  • Ensuring Smooth Development: We are actively working to ensure the successful development of our ongoing projects, thus upholding our commitment to excellence.

Upcoming Must-Attend Trade Shows

  • Passenger Terminal Expo (April 2024) for the airport sector
  • Innotrans (September 2024) for the transportation sector

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