Trust post covid

Air travel is slowly starting again after a very difficult period of almost complete lockdown due to the COVID19 pandemic around the world.

Passengers are coming back to airports, but there is still a long way to go before the airports activity is back to the pre-COVID19 situation.

Although the airprorts’ activity around the world is limited by different travel restrictions put in place by each countries government, it is also limited by the fact that passengers are not fully confident in the sanitary safety of air travel.

Both Airlines and Airports have a role to play to restore the passenger’s confidence, and make air travel and airport safe again.

In the unprecedented situation created by the COVID-19 crisis, airports have to face different challenges to reopen and operate safely.

Thermal cameras, face mask wearing obligation in the airport terminals and onboard planes, hydro-alchoolic gel dispensers were the first actions taken to respond to the crisis, along with clear passenger information concerning social distancing and capacity limitations.

But this is clearly not enough : putting stickers on the ground every 1 or 2m to materialize minimum distance between people is not enough to make sure the social distancing will be respected everywhere and at all time.

The same goes for capacity limitation : a sign at the entrance of a duty free shop or an airline lounge saying « maximum 20 persons inside » will not ensure that this 20 person capacity limit will not be exceeded.

Real time and accuracy

A precise and realtime measuring tool is necessary to control the different limitations and restrictions are respected, and to inform when they are not, in order that some corrective actions can quickly be taken.

It is also important to have accurate and reliable historical data to prove and report on the efficiency of the different actions taken to fight the pandemic and limit cross-contamination in the airport, and to be able to do some reporting to the autorities.

Monitoring and controlling passenger flows in airport is essential for safe operation in the pandemic period. An accurate and realtime passenger flow measurement tool is the corner stone of the process.

Not only can our Passenger Flow Management Solutions help with social distancing, crowd density and maximum capacity management, but it will also bring operational intelligence added value to the overall passenger processing chain of the airport.

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Real time social distancing visualisation