As the festive season approaches, shopping centres will once again be inundated with Christmas shoppers and the management of customer flows within shops will once again become an issue to be considered in a complicated health context. Investing in visitors counting systems is the solution.

Customers queue in a shop to get to the checkout.

A counting system is capable of counting all visitors entering and leaving a public facility. The data is then recorded on a software program that offers the possibility of real-time visualisation.

The information collected is then analysed to produce a report on the number of visitors to your establishment. It is also possible to find out more about customer behaviour as it is possible to distinguish between high and low visitor numbers over a defined period. This will allow you to implement the necessary actions to fluidify your flow of people and try to attract more people during the weakest periods.

The Acorel solution allows you to easily configure the level of security allowed for your establishment and to inform your customers that you welcome them in compliance with health regulations.

crowd of customers in a shopping centre

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