Effective management of public access buildings (ERP) is essential, and counting data analysis software solutions are emerging as invaluable tools for improving both operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. By providing valuable insights into the flow of people, these technologies offer a range of benefits from resource optimization to enhanced security.

Why opt for software solutions in public areas ?

Optimization of human resource management

Software tools dedicated to analyzing attendance data offer system managers in public access buildings a valuable opportunity for more efficient human resource management. By analyzing attendance trends and identifying peak periods, these solutions allow businesses to adjust their team schedules, thereby optimizing productivity while controlling costs.

Improvement of customer experience

By studying consumer habits, systems can tailor their services to better meet the specific expectations of their visitors. Through the analysis of attendance data, businesses can anticipate peak times and implement specific actions to enhance the customer experience and build loyalty.

Area control

Real-time monitoring of visitor flow enables public access buildings to quickly detect risk situations, such as crowd movements. By integrating these data with other security technologies, establishments can respond swiftly to incidents and ensure continuous control.

Data-driven decision making

Counting data analysis software solutions provide valuable insights for strategic decision-making. By analyzing attendance data over a given period, managers can identify trends, anticipate future needs, and develop more effective strategies to maximize revenue and improve operational efficiency.

Compliance with standards and regulations

In many sectors, compliance with safety and capacity standards is essential. Counting data analysis software solutions help public access buildings comply with these standards by providing accurate data on capacity and alerting managers when thresholds are reached or exceeded, thus avoiding penalties.

The Vision PoP software solution by Acorel

Acorel has developed the Vision PoP software suite, which proves to be essential for any people flow management solution to analyze data collected by high-precision sensors and cameras.

What is Vision PoP used for ?

With this software solution, it is possible to:

  • Identify peak attendance times during the day
  • Know the distribution of people flows across different access points
  • Reassure visitors and allow them to choose their visit times
  • Analyze if the opening hours are suited to visitor usage
  • Provide precise data to optimize resource allocation and communicate with visitors

Vision PoP enables real-time visualization of load, attendance, and environmental data in all public access buildings.

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