Managing visitor flows and queues

Queues are the bane of visitors’ existence. Time wasted waiting is always the number one complaint from customers. Whether it’s an amusement park or a playground, flow and queue management is an essential part of the operation of leisure facilities. Anticipating flow management is about finding the right balance between the quality of experience for the visitor and the quality of experience for the operator.

What are the impacts ?

Visitor impact:

For your customers, the fluidity of access is often associated with the quality of the reception and contributes mainly to your brand image. It is an integral part of the overall visitor experience. The layout of queues, information on waiting times, optimisation of traffic within an identified area: these are all criteria that contribute to the satisfaction and loyalty of your customers.

Operator impacts:

Flow management allows operators to optimise the organisation of the site. Depending on the capacity of the installation site, it is essential to evaluate the different possibilities of technical installations in order to make the access and exit routes more fluid, for example. In addition, the management of the flow of traffic can best guarantee the safety of your visitors. Depending on the surface area and capacity, the operator can manage the maximum number of visitors to an attraction, for example.

Counting system for real time information:

With these counting systems, you will be able to display waiting times in real time. Counting the flows allows you to provide reliable information to your customers. For amusement parks, it is possible to follow in real time the evolution of waiting times at the different attractions and organise their visit accordingly.

The benefits of a metering system :

  • Saves time for visitors, allowing them to have a good time
  • The reception structure optimises fluidity and increases visitor satisfaction

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