Amusement parks are popular destinations for families and entertainment enthusiasts. However, large crowds often lead to long queues and frustration, which can detract from the visitor experience. That’s why effective visitor flow management is essential to providing a pleasant and memorable experience for everyone.

Why is it important to manage visitor flows in theme parks?

For a start, large numbers of visitors can easily create crowded areas that make getting around the park complicated, which can lead to accidents and incidents. What’s more, when the park is crowded, visitors can feel uncomfortable, reducing the chances of them returning.

Upstream planning :

The first stage of visitor flow management in theme parks begins before visitors even arrive on site. Parks use historical data and forecasts to establish calendars and peak times. This planning allows them to better distribute visitors throughout the day, adjusting schedules and offering special deals on less busy days.

Online ticketing:

To avoid queues at the entrance, many theme parks have opted for innovation by offering online ticket reservation. Visitors can buy their tickets in advance and choose a specific arrival time, reducing waiting times and allowing better management of visitor flows. Some parks go even further by offering single-slot tickets for specific attractions, ensuring that visitors are evenly distributed throughout the day.

Use of RFID technology:

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology is widely used in theme parks to manage visitor flows efficiently. RFID wristbands or cards allow visitors to access different attractions without having to show their tickets each time. Parks can monitor visitor movements in real time, identify congested areas and reorganise staff accordingly to ensure a smooth flow of visitors.

Virtual queues:

Virtual queues are another innovation used to improve the visitor experience. Instead of physically queuing for long periods, visitors can reserve their place in a virtual queue via a mobile application or interactive terminals. They are then informed when their turn is approaching, allowing them to enjoy the park while they wait.



Counting and managing visitor flows

Automatic people counting:

Automatic people counting provides theme parks with precise, relevant monitoring of visitor flows throughout the day. Thanks to sensors strategically positioned in different areas of the park, managers can obtain real-time data on the number of people present in each zone. This information is essential for adjusting operations in line with visitor numbers and ensuring the best possible experience for visitors.

Thanks to automatic people counting, it is possible to obtain real-time information on the number of people in each queue and take steps to reduce waiting times. For example, if an attraction is very busy, extra staff can be directed to that area to speed up the process. In addition, visitors can be informed via notice boards or mobile applications about estimated waiting times, enabling them to plan their day better and optimise their experience.

Visitor safety is an absolute priority in theme parks. Thanks to automatic people counting, managers can monitor the number of people in each area in real time and take appropriate measures to avoid overcrowding problems. If capacity is exceeded, warnings can be sent to security staff, enabling them to react quickly to ensure everyone’s safety.

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