Fraud or non-validation in transportation is a recurring problem that impacts not only transport operators but also honest users. The Union of Public Transport estimates the damage caused by fraud in France in 2022 to be 600 million euros. To counter this scourge, numerous solutions exist, among which counting can play a crucial role.

Fraud in transport : a major challenge

Fraud in transport represents a significant financial loss for operators, amounting to millions each year. Fraudsters use various techniques such as fare evasion, ticket falsification, or deliberate non-payment. This fraud not only deprives operators of revenue necessary for improving services but also affects users who regularly pay their fare by increasing costs for everyone.

Automatic counting : an essential tool in the fight against fraud

Counting represents a key strategy in the fight against fraud in transportation. It enables the collection of precise data on the number of passengers transported on each journey, as well as travel patterns. This information is crucial for identifying fraud-prone areas, peak hours, and suspicious behaviors.

Fraud peak targeting.

Advantages of automatic counting

❌ Fraud detection 

By closely monitoring the number of passengers boarded compared to valid tickets sold, operators can quickly detect cases of fraud and take appropriate action.

👨🏽‍💻 Resource optimization

By better understanding passenger flows, operators can adjust their services accordingly by allocating more resources to the busiest routes and reducing costs on less-used lines.

👍 Enhancement of customer experience

Counting also improves the user experience by identifying congestion points and taking measures to alleviate them, resulting in smoother and more enjoyable journeys.

⛔ Detection of unauthorized entries

One of the main advantages of automatic people counting is its ability to detect unauthorized entries on vehicles or transport stations. Through sensors and sophisticated detection systems, this technology can identify passages without ticket validation. Thus, operators can immediately spot cases of fraud and take appropriate measures to address them.

🛡️ Impact on safety and efficiency

By reducing fraud, counting contributes to improving passenger and staff safety by minimizing conflicts related to ticket checks. Additionally, by optimizing resource utilization, it enables the provision of more reliable and punctual services, thereby enhancing the overall user experience.

🚨 Real-time monitoring

Automatic counting systems allow real-time monitoring of passenger flows. Thus, operators can quickly detect fraud incidents and take immediate measures to address them. For example, security personnel can be deployed on-site to identify and intercept fraudsters, thereby reducing financial losses for the operator.

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